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Rosenberg, as he appears in the second game.

Rosenberg is the eighth boss in Kick/Beat the Boss 2. He is a mechanic and his stage is the Garage.


Rosenberg is middle aged looking boss with brown hair styled as a comb-over. He has large eyes, a long nose, and thin eyebrows that look like a unibrow, until he yells, smiles and laughs, gets surprised, or gets scared and puts on his 'innocent face'. He always has a cigar in his mouth, and a shine spot on both of his cheeks. He wears a white striped shirt with a blue vest over it and what looks like a white nametag on it, gray pants and black shoes.


  • Rosenberg loves to drink. This is very obvious and shown in two pictures from the first game, one being Step One: Meet Your Boss, where Rosenberg shown holding a shot glass in one hand and a bottle of either beer or liquor in the other. The second picture depicts all the bosses coming at you, and Rosenberg once again is shown holding a bottle of liquor or beer, and looking very drunk.
  • He is from Germany. His name is German, he loves beer, and in the first game, he has the German flag hanging on the wall in his garage.
  • He must love smoking, too. In every game, he always has a cigar hanging out of his mouth.
  • In the second game, on the Boss selection part of the menu, Rosenberg has a double chin. He loses it if the player chooses him to kill.
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